Citra Shipyard Pte. Ltd is company that works in shipbuilding industry and repair of ship with elementary capacities of plan produce per year. it approximately produces around 18 unit under 1500 DWT and 50 unit ship repairing. The location of Citra Shipyard Pte. Ltd occupies around 20 hectare with facilities such as workshop, heavy equipments, special harbor, and graving dock.

We strongly believe that timely delivery of quality and reliable products and services can be achieved without compromising on safety. Committed to servicing our customers, we constantly strive to improve our organization, improve productivity and taking advantage of the vast land and space and plentiful skill workforce skill labour to sharpen our competitive edge.


Citra Semarak Sejati Pte. Ltd is the company that peripateticness in the field of contractor, developer and commerce of public. Special in construction area Citra Semarak Sejati Pte Ltd have ever been experienced in doing some projects and have owned Sertifikasi Badan Usaha Jasa Pelaksana Konstruksi for the sub of settlement and housing area, factory and building, irrigating network and drainage, road, bridge of basis & location drilling of land, reklamasi and dredging, opening areal/pemukiman, printing office of rice field and opening farm, peel including land clearing, digging/mining, etc.

From year to year, we have founded a reputation as konstruktor the trustworthyness by providing the work with quality at the price of the kompetitif. That is also the one of our commitment that we to braid the long-range cooperation relationship by giving maximum of satisfaction to our cutomer.


Centre Sarana Sejati Pte. Ltd is developer the housing rapidlying grow in Batam. One of the housing which have been built up by Centre Sarana Sejati Pte Ltd is housing Centre View. Through our commitment to quality and satisfaction of our cutomer, Centre Sarana Sejati Pte Ltd grows and expands progressively professional in serving our cutomer and continue to do the breakthrough and also attend the new product which with quality.

Along with progressively the expanding in Batam as area Industri, pushing the increasing of resident Batam good, Centre Sarana Sejati Pte Ltd by using the experienced human resources in area property, Centre Sarana Sejati Pte Ltd have been able to build housing real estate very needed by market in Batam.

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