The CSS Group, founded in 1990 by Mr. Ali Ulai, is one of the leading contractor companies on the island of Batam, Indonesia. The group operates in many industries on the island, including, but not limited to, trade, scrap materials, shipping, construction, property development, as well pre-made and ready mixed concrete. The vast experience and rich history of the CSS Group on the island of Batam clearly demonstrates why they are considered one of the top companies in their field.


In the beginning, the contractor company was mainly involved in the cut and fill industry. However, over time, as their business network expanded, they began to grow the business and become a trusted operator in many differ- ent industries on the island.


Mr. Ali Ulai and his younger brother Chaili have since continued to spread the wings of the company to encompass many areas of business on the island of Batam, with their contractor company being the original pioneer of the CSS Group.